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5 practical tips for good security behavior

Throughout its history, Bluecerts has encouraged various behaviors and concerns regarding cybersecurity and data protection. We believe that before everything and any more robust solution, actions must be taken by people.

Therefore, we have selected 5 tips to keep in mind.

  • If you are using a smartphone authentication application
    authentication application, be sure to study the procedure in case you change
    cell phone before validating the solution. In some cases,
    have to be completely redone, which can be very
    penalize users.
  • Avoid SMS or voice authentication; use them only as a temporary
    only as a temporary workaround after validation from
    technical support.
  • Protecting your data has to be a priority. Protecting your data is protecting yourself. There are countless ways to do this at no cost, just by maintaining good behavior. Depending on the sensitivity of that data, you can opt for advanced security solutions, which give you another kind of integrity.
  • You must sort through your data. Sometimes we store lots of sensitive or non-sensitive information that we don’t need at all. Recycling this data is a protective advantage. If we don’t need this information, it becomes a vulnerability.
  • Be vigilant. We are exposed daily to dozens of dangers that compromise the integrity of our cybersecurity. We must be aware of our actions as browsers, and what we accept or where we enter and what we accept. Just as we are vigilant when walking down the street, we should also be vigilant when “walking” on the Internet.

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