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The new regulation obliges Trusted Third Parties to limit the validity of SSL / TLS certificates to a period of one year, thus making it possible to fight more effectively against the establishment of false certificates and to fight against online fraud. In this context, with BlueCerts, you can purchase a two-year subscription thus allowing you to save on your purchase cost while respecting the new legislation in force. Two months before the expiration of your valid certificate, you will be personally notified of the need to update your file which will allow new verifications to be established in accordance with the rules of the Cab Forum and the access providers to issue a new certificate without interruption of service.

What do you want to secure?

One domain

Single Domain SSL Certificate

  • Protects one domain name.
    A certificate purchased for will only allow you to secure all the pages on
  • Ideal for a single website, small to medium business managing a limited number of websites.

Several domains

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

  • A multi-domain certificate can secure multiple different domains such as,, etc
  • Suitable for large business that has different entities. It’s easy to manage and keep track using a single certificate.

Unlimited subdomains

Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • Protection – Protects a single domain and all sub-domains of that domain. This certificate will secure, it also protects,, etc.
  • Ideal for fast-growing business as this certificate will automatically secure any sub-domain added.

What is an SSL certificate ?

SSL Certificate

Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is the technology that makes sure data between two machines (in our case – a browser and a server) is transmitted securely in an encrypted connection (HTTPS).

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that confirms the identity of a website.

Because Google Chrome browser now labeling all websites using HTTP encryption as “not secure”, installing SSL and implementing HTTPS on your website is no longer an option. Sites without SSL tend to be bumped down the search ranking ladders.

How SSL connection works ?

The following diagram shows how data is transferred through an SSL connection.

How SSL connection works
  1. A user access a HTTPS website
  2. User’s browser requests a secure SSL connection from the server
  3. The server responds with a valid SSL certificate
  4. The secure connection is now established
  5. Data is encrypted and transferred

How can I tell if a website has SSL connection ?

Shopify SSL Certificate

The use of an SSL Certificate on a website is usually indicated by a padlock icon on web browsers and the website address will show HTTPS. In some cases, with EV for Extended Validation certificates, a green address bar is shown.

If a SSL certificate is not recognized by the browser (or it does not pass certain checks), the browser will display a warning to the visitor.