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Data Protection “post”-COVID

Data protection and privacy are a constant concern, but we cannot ignore that during the past year, digital transformation has been completely catapulted by companies that need to support remote working and collaboration. Telecommuting has also led to many employees in different areas swapping big cities for more affordable ones. In response, many companies are flexing so that they can support employees who obtain this solution.

While cloud adoption is now a dominant option, the global market is expected to double between 2021 and 2025. The use of the cloud will become an increasingly essential element for enterprises in a hybrid working model.

The next step in this process will be to gain the trust of the users. It is common knowledge that ordinary citizens feel insecure about the processing of their data. Upcoming legislative measures will place greater emphasis on privacy protection. The changes on the legislative privacy policy horizon will create more challenges for organizations that lag behind.

Companies need to prioritize future-first security preparations given the increased occurrence of cyberattacks and data protection weaknesses. This should be top of mind when investing in security platforms, threat detections, training and maintenance to help and prevent major breaches and hacks. By prioritizing security infrastructure, organizations will be better equipped to accommodate future digital transformations and policy changes, as well as rebuild consumer trust.

Data Protection Pos Covid
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