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New cybercrime: Telework is the new victim

Last year we saw a considerable increase in cybercrime cases. Telecommuting has become a new reality in many industries, which has created several vulnerabilities that did not exist before.

Due to the fact that teleworking emerged, although not created in confinement, but essentially used during the Covid-19 pandemic, attacks via the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) grew by 768%.

Telework is essentially a phenomenon of necessity. Its mass emergence was extremely sudden, countless sectors adopted this measure to be able to continue their professional activities. Most of them did it out of necessity, and out of obligation. Many of them, in order not to close down their activity altogether.

The serious problem is that most companies and workers continue to work on a daily basis without any safety device. Most are not even known to have a VPN or an email certificate.

The exposure to danger and the vulnerability of our data is a wake-up call and an active concern in everyone’s daily life. The pandemic has brought us a technological evolution, we must evolve all the processes in it. Security is one of them, and without security, there is no advancement!

New Cybercrime
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