BLUE SSL EV certificates offer the highest protection and trust for encrypted communication with devices and websites. The name of your company appears directly in green in the address line of the browser. BLUE SSL EV certificates are the right solution for critical web applications or e-commerce. They provide optimal protection and security for your customers and business partners.

Padlocks and HTTPS are visible in your browser and indicate your corporate identity with a high level of security.

The BLUE SSL EV certificate incorporates asymmetric cryptographic elements with 2048 bits and symmetric encryption up to 256 bits, according to the SHA-2 signature scheme, 256 bits

The new regulation obliges Trusted Third Parties to limit the validity of SSL / TLS certificates to a period of one year, thus making it possible to fight more effectively against the establishment of false certificates and to fight against online fraud. In this context, with BlueCerts, you can purchase a two-year subscription thus allowing you to save on your purchase cost while respecting the new legislation in force. Two months before the expiration of your valid certificate, you will be personally notified of the need to update your file which will allow new verifications to be established in accordance with the rules of the Cab Forum and the access providers to issue a new certificate without interruption of service.


Product details

  • Verification of identity (Extended Validation EV) of domain, applicant and organisation
  • EV standard identified using green mark for the URL bar
  • Issue time within 5 to 10 working days after application
  • Term of one or two years
  • License can be used on an unlimited number of servers
  • Display of organisation in browser’s address line
  • Free re-issues
  • Internationalised domain name (IDN) possible
  • Telephone and e-mail support in English, French, Portuguese and German
  • After the Sale of the certificate the BlueCerts seal is provided in the customer login


  • Wildcard entries are not possible in the BLUE SSL EV Certificate. For Wildcard entries we recommend  our BLUE SSL Wildcard
  • Would you like to protect your domain with and without “www” (order made with only one domain), than define this during the certificate issuance process or define this in your CSR. This additional protection is free of charge and optional.
  • For orders with multiple domains (Multi-Domain) the free of charge protection of domains with and without “www” is not included.

Technical details

  • Native  root CA in all web browser
  • Cryptographic elements : asymetric 2048 bits, encryption of up to 256 bits, SHA-2 256 bits hash algorithm
  • Key use: Digital signature, key encipherment, client authentication, server authentication
  • Validation with OCSP and CRL
  • Certificate Transparency log information will only be transmitted by use of OCSP stapling
  • User account for certificate management
  • Revocation service for the revoking of certificates
  • Notification 30 days and 10 days prior to expiry of validity
  • Application-specific entries in the certificate:

CN = common name: domain name FQDN (mandatory)
O= organisation (mandatory)
OU = organisational unit (optional)
C = country (mandatory)
L = location (mandatory)
ST = federal state (optional, mandatory if country is not similar to city)

Street address (optional)
Postcode (optional)

Business Category (mandatory)

Country of registration (mandatory)

State of registration (optional, mandatory in case the jurisdiction of incorporation works on state level)

Locality of registration (optional, mandatory in case the jurisdiction of incorporation works on locality level)

Serial number (e.g. trade registry number or foundation date, mandatory)

Period of validity (one or two years after call of the download link of the certificate for the first time)

SAN (SubjectAlternativeName) domain name same as in the common name, optional entry with prepending www in case the certificate is selected with only one domain. With the option multi-domain additional domain or subdomain entries with additional domains. Wildcard entries are not permitted.

Further applicant-specific entries are not permitted and are removed from a CSR.

Additional information

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