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Signing and authentication certificate: what is it for?
Authentication / Signature certificates are real digital identity cards, they allow you to:

Authenticate securely on a website by replacing the unreliable username / password pair.
Certify emails to guarantee integrity. Your recipients can also guarantee that your address has not been spoofed.
Sign electronic documents (quotes, contracts, inventory, …) using your certificate with a signature application.
Depending on the issues, these certificates are offered in 2 versions (RGS * or **) corresponding to two levels of security.

The signing certificate is nominative, it is intended to be issued to a natural person in his professional status. This person must be able to represent the company, community or association for which he works.

Validity period of the certificate: 3 years

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Validity 1, 2 or 3 years
USB Token include yes
Change of holder once yes
Dematerialized creation process yes
Delivery face to face
manufacturing time ( not include delivery face to face) 5 working days
Smart card CC EAL4+
Unblocking smart card Yes
Helpdesk english, french, portugese Téléphone/ Mail
standards ETSI EN 319-411-1/ EN 319-411-2 TS 319 411-1 NCP+
uses Signature / Authentication
Compatible with ADOBE(Pdf) and Microsoft (Office) Yes


Required Documents

Holder information

Organization information

Additional information


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