With the management of SSL certificates and domain names linked, BlueCerts leveraging its expertise in the life cycle of electronic certificates offers a new concept for registering and managing domain names for its customers.

We offer more than 700 domains names extensions :

  • the most common generics: .com, .org, .net …
  • the geographical ones: .fr, .pt, .es,, .uk
  • Generic extension, generic Top Level Domains, gTLD: .blog, .technology, .business, .app, …

Why register your domain names with BlueCerts ?

Check the registration elements of domain names and SSL certificates related to them are similar or identical: we can perform these steps with the same seriousness that makes our reputation for SSL certificates. In one step, with a single interlocutor you simplify your management on these topics, while saving time and we make things easier.

Price from 17€

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