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Time Stamping is a valuable complement to digital signing practices, enabling organizations to record when a digital item was signed.

With the BlueCerts Time Stamping Service, companies can assure, through the use of timestamps, the legal validity and conformance of their electronic documents.

For some applications the timing of a digital signature is critical as for example in the case of stock trades or some legal proceedings.

Even when time is not intrinsic in the applications, time stamping is helpful for record keeping and audit processes, because it offers a mechanism witch prove that the digital certificate was valid at the time it was used.

Many software programs as Microsoft office, support time stamping capabilities.

Risk with insecure Time Stamping :

  • The inability to trust electronic processes can result in costly paper trails to back up electronic recalls
  •  Insecure time stamping or digital signing processes can expose an organization to compliance problems and legals challenges
  • By Manipulations a computer clock, an attacker can easily compromise a software based time stamping process

Price policy is based on a minimum of 1 000 000 documents per year