In cryptography, a Certification Authority (CA or CA for Certificate Authority in English) is a trusted third party allowing the identity of correspondents to be authenticated. A certification authority issues certificates describing digital identities and provides the means to verify the validity of the certificates it has provided. The services of certification authorities are mainly used in the context of securing digital communications via Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol used for example to secure web communications (HTTPS) or email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP, etc. over TLS) ), as well as for securing digital documents (for example by means of advanced electronic signatures such as PAdES for PDF documents, or via the S / MIME protocol for emails).

The certification authority (CA) operates itself or can delegate the hosting of the private key of the certificate to a certification operator (OC) or depositary authority. The CA controls and audits the certification operator on the basis of the procedures established in the Declaration of Certification Practices. The CA is accredited by a policy management authority which allows it to use a reinforced certificate used by the CA to sign the public key according to the principle of digital signature.

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BlueCerts offers the possibility for any organization to set up its own public or private CA. Our teams can support you in this structuring project and will operate by your side from its certified bunker located in France the solution deployed.

With BlueCerts, you benefit from the guarantee of a 100% European infrastructure meeting the strictest security standards and an environment administered under the GDPR.

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