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With the BlueCerts Managed PKI service powered by SwissSign you issue, approve, manage and withdraw certificate requests yourself for your employees, customers and partners within a matter of minutes whatever the time of day. You manage your certificates independently via our web interface with a standardised interface. We validate only once your organization and there will be no need for single validation of certificate requests in the future – even for BLUE SSL EV certificates.

Everything speaks in favour of BLUE Managed PKI Service :

  • Flexible issuance : Any time, any place and everything immediately.
  • Everything from a single source : Every BLUE S/MIME E-MAIL Certificate or BLUE SSL certificate – including BLUE SSL EV.
  • Transparent and fair prices : You pay for what you purchase and can use a single certificate on several servers at no extra cost. You also benefit from attractive volume discounts. Just sign your contract for a first contract period of three years or five years.
  • Bluecerts makes more : we work to ensure reliability in everything we do for you to facilitate certificate management. We do – right down to the last detail. Our local Support team will support you in French, English, Portuguese and German. SwissSign certificates are integrated in European partner solutions for secure and trusted e-business.
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High efficiency and low costs

Automated use : Thanks to the CMC and RFC 2797 interface standards, you can perform the entire auto-enrolment process using our partner products.

Tested with the most current gateways on the market : Take advantage of a high level of efficiency in the management and distribution of certificates with the most popular gateways on the market.

BlueCerts High level of flexibility and scalability : You can scale your certificate quantities and types in a flexible manner at any time.

Lower costs: You spare yourself cost-intensive development and operational work associated with maintaining your own PKI. We have a price model with rapidly rising volume discounts.

Trustworthiness : All current browsers and operating systems trust our certificates.

Payment – flexible management and billing: Billing takes place once a year prior to the acquisition period based on the quantity of certificate licenses. Upon adding to your number of certificate licenses, the volume discount allows you to benefit from your existing certificate inventory.

You can always obtain certificates for the agreed order volume. It is not necessary to order those certificate types which were originally mentioned in the order as far as the sum of all your certificate licenses does not exceed the order volume. In case you will exceed the order volume we will contact you for an upgrade of your contract.

You are free to decrease your certificate order volume for the next yearly contract period.

A certificate revocation followed by the re-issuing of a new certificate constitutes the acquisition of a single certificate. This means that an exchange of a server or a new replacing employee can use the same certificate license. We calculate the certificate usage based on days. That means if you use your certificate only an half year we will count your certificate number as 0.5 for this certificate. Certificates can be issued for the signature, for encryption or for authentication.

Provided these are always for the same subject (person, e-mail address, computer, etc.), they only have to be paid for once in the case of Managed PKI.

Are you unsure whether you’d be better off operating your own PKI or whether you would like to procure this from BlueCerts ? The matrix supports you in deciding whether a “Managed PKI” of BlueCerts powered by SwissSign or an “inhouse PKI” will offer you the greatest benefits.

Do you currently obtain your certificates via Managed PKI services provided by our competitors ? And would you like to switch to BlueCerts Managed PKI certificate services powered by SwissSign? Benefit from attractive conditions for the exchange and contact us with the details of the certificates and quantities to be exchanged.

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