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With the Blue E-Mail Certificate based on S/MIME , you can sign and encrypt your e-mails with all popular e-mail programs and mail gateways. The software-based certificate contains the validated e-mail address and is issued within a matter of minutes.

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Product details

  • Verification of identity: E-mail address and name or pseudonym of the applicant.
  • Term of 1, 2 or 3 years
  • File Format Certificate
  • An unlimited number of copies can be used PCs and mobile devices.
  • Available with BLUE PKI Management Service
  • Telephone and e-mail support in English , French, Portugese and German
  • The certificate is issued 2 days following receipt of all submitted documentation.
  • Not generally usable for Adobe PDF signature. Only usable for internal purposes if Adobe is configured to use the Microsoft Certificate store.

Technical details

  • Native  root CA in all web browser : logo See Compatibility
  • Cryptographic elements : asymetric 2048 bits, encryption of up to 256 bits, SHA-2 256 bits signature hash algorithm
  • Key use: Digital signature, non-repudiation, encryption key, key agreement, secure e-mail
  • Distribution: All common browsers and platforms.
  • License can be used on an unlimited number of computers and mobile devices.
  • Validation with OCSP and CRL
  • User account for certificate management
  • Revocation service for the revoking of certificates
  • Notification 30 days and 10 days prior to expiry of validity
  • Support of directory services (LDAP) for mutual key exchange under the search field at www.swisssign.net or under directory.swisssign.net with the search basis ‹o=SwissSign,c=CH›
  • EBCA conform

Applicant-specific entries in the certificate

  •  CN=common name: First name, last name or pseudonym (mandatory)
  • Pseudonym is defined with the prefix ‹pseudo›: and can, for example, be used for general mailbox accounts (e.g. sales). The applicant is responsible for this pseudonym.
  • C=country (mandatory)
  • E=e-mail address (mandatory)
  • ST=canton, federal state (optional)
  • O=organisation (mandatory for organisation entry): Please select option “with organisation entry”.
  • OU=organisational unit (optional for organisation entry): Please select option “with organisation entry”.
  • Period of validity
  • SAN (SubjectAlternativeName) entry contains the e-mail address.
  • Further applicant-specific entries are not permitted and are removed from a CSR.


  • All binding guidelines for this certificate type are stipulated in the relevant Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP/CPS): SwissSign Gold CP/CPS.

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