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Cybercrime: A sigh for the world, the Emotet Botnet has finally been dismantled

In the heart of the international world of cybercrime, a major international action was carried out which enabled the dismantling of the Emotet cybercrime network. First observed in 2014, this malware was naturally distributed by phishing via botnets operated by TA542 attack groups. Since August 2020, France has been targeted by these hackers.

The authorities in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Lithuania and Canada, with the support of Europol and Eurojust, have taken control of the Emotet infrastructure, which is known worldwide to infect hundreds of millions of computers.

The control of the servers

In a press release from the European Crime Police Agency, the authorities have joined forces to create “an effective operational strategy. Europol’s head of cybercrime operations confirmed to the international press that the servers have been physically seized by the authorities of the different countries involved.

The Emotet malware

This malware was first observed in 2014 as the Banking Trojan Horse, and evolved into a modular structure starting in 2015. In 2017, Emotet distributed within information systems, which infect malicious code operated by cybercrime attack groups, TA542 clients.

In practice, these different models allow Emotet to recover the passwords stocked in systems and in various browsers and electronic mailboxes. In this way it can defeat the contact list, its contents and the email attachments, in order to propagate itself within the infected network by taking advantage of vulnerabilities as soon as the password is recovered.

Cybercrime in the world

Cybercrime, as reported by the international press on a daily basis, has increased dramatically over the past year, i.e. during the COVID-19 pandemic that has confined a planet. BlueCerts intends to and has been working with its partners to address these problems.
Cybercrime is a reality increasingly present at the door of all of us, if we do not protect ourselves, we can actually leave with sequels or even irreversible damage.

Be prudent, and protect yourself. Inside and outside the home, BlueCerts is here to help in a safer digital world.

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