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Cyber security Predictions for 2022

Given the growth of the cybersecurity community due to the constant development of cyberattacks, companies are working hard to protect us all in 2022 and beyond.

Based on the growth in threats, we present the top five cybersecurity predictions for 2022:

Zero-day markets attacks and Supply chain will rise
Among the lessons learned in 2021, supply chain attacks targeting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) were the hardest to mitigate. In contrast to other threats, supply chain attacks are more silent, more difficult to stop and propagate at a faster pace. Professional cyber-crime groups will focus more on breaching MSPs to deliver ransomware to larger pools of potential victims. “As cyber-security vendors started to address the documented MiTRE techniques, cyber-criminals will focus their research on the discovery and implementation of new techniques for implementing MiTRE/Kill-chain tactics.

But there is more than zero-day vulnerabilities that will allow cyber-criminals to cause widespread damage to businesses.Cyber-criminals find inspiration inside the community – if one cyber-crime group rises to fame by employing existing tools, the rest of the community will follow suit. 

Web infrastructure, Dark Markets and IOT2022 will likely bring a major increase in attacks on cloud infrastructures, including those hosted by top-tier providers . Misconfiguration and a shortage of skilled cyber-security workforce will play a significant role in data breaches and infrastructure compromise, thinks Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender.

As the world is gradually preparing for a permanent work-from-anywhere scenario, companies are making constant effort into moving legacy services to the cloud. Cloud attacks will intensify, with a particular focus on Azure AD and Office365, where we expect to see a spike in tools development, especially on Office365 and Azure AD.

With the crypto-currency ecosystem in full swing, we expect to see mounting cyber-criminal interest to attack exchange services, miners, wallet stealers, and launch crypto-currency scams.  

The increased interconnectivity in smart cars will also create new opportunities for cyber-criminals. Vehicle telematics has become a cause for concern in the past few years as manufacturers attempt to build services or monetize information sent out by vehicles on the road. But data theft is just part of the cause for concern, says Alexandru “Jay” Balan, as cyber-criminals can leverage internet-connected vehicles to facilitate theft, obtain unauthorized access or even take remote control of the car causing potentially deadly consequences.

Dark markets acted chaotically in 2020-2021, but as consecrated ones get dismantled in coordinated law enforcement actions, we believe that we’ll see new contenders rising in 2022.


Unfortunately, the predictions for increased ransomware activity in 2021 came true. 2021 was extremely active for ransomware.

“Ransomware will continue to be the most lucrative type of cyber-crime in 2022. We expect to see an increase in Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) attacks that will focus on data exfiltration for blackmailing purposes,” said Dragos Gavrilut, director of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab at Bitdefender. “Just like any mature business, ransomware will have to constantly keep up with both competition and cyber-security vendors alike.”

Also expects a boost in ransomware for Linux environments that target ESXi storage or templates. ‘silent ransomware’ – malware that stays dormant for periods of time before encrypting data will likely be used in more attacks. The Java Log4j vulnerability that recently shook up the cybersecurity community because of its pervasiveness and ease of exploit, created a perfect storm for ransomware.

Overall, ransomware as a service will undergo reorganization to focus on becoming more resilient, going into the realm of zero-day exploits for maximized reach.


state-sponsored attacks will leave communities in the dark. 
Political tensions will likely have a great impact on the cyber-realm as nation-states race for digital supremacy. 2022 will likely be the year of cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure. Killware could be the weapon of choice since it can be deployed using similar tactics as classic APTs and is effective against power grids, water and sewage plants or public transportation with immediate impact on communities and societies. 

Data breaches will fuel a dumpster fire of business attack

As personal information stolen in data breaches becomes more widely available to cyber-criminals, spam campaigns will become much more targeted. From full names and phone number, other exposed information such as passwords, physical addresses, payment logs or sexual orientation will be used to create tailored and convincing phishing or extortion campaigns.

While the spear phishing – whether it’s whaling, business email compromise (BEC), email account compromise (EAC) – Solutions like Blue email certificates ( are the most used for improve the safety on email accounts.

The scams of 2022 will likely capitalize on the busy and exclusively online recruitment processes imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Cyber-criminals will start impersonating companies to dupe potential candidates into infecting their devices via popular document attachments. Additionally, cyber-crime operators will likely use this remote onboarding opportunity to recruit unwary people looking for jobs into illegal activities such as money-muling.

Our solutions are available on our website, however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our solutions to protect yourself in the best way. 

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European Commission invest nearly 2 billion € in European Digital Programme

The Commission has adopted three work programmes for the Digital Europe Programme, outlining the objectives and specific topic areas that will receive a total of €1.98 billion in funding. This first set of work programmes includes strategic investments that will be instrumental in realising the Commission’s goals in making this Europe’s Digital Decade. The Digital Europe Programme aims to bolster Europe’s technological sovereignty and bring digital solutions to market for the benefit of citizens, public administrations, and businesses.

The main work programme, worth €1.38 billion, will focus on investment in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and data spaces, quantum communication infrastructure, advanced digital skills, and the wide use of digital technologies across the economy and society, until the end of 2022. Alongside this main work programme, the Commission published two specific work programmes: the first one focuses on funding in the area of cybersecurity, with a budget of €269 million until the end of 2022; and the second one focuses on the set-up and operation of the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs, with a budget of €329 million, until the end of 2023.

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Investment in cybersecurity in the EU

A next-generation Cybersecurity platform is on its way to the European Union. The EU is investing millions of euros in creating this platform

A financing agreement has been signed between the European Investment Bank and EclecticIQ, a Dutch cyber security company specializing in information services and technologies. The funding is around 15 million euros.

“The agreement will give EclecticIQ access to the funding it needs to further accelerate the development of its cybersecurity platform and expand internationally in a strategically important and rapidly growing market,” he said.

The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), a strong underpinning of the Investment Plan for Europe, will be the cornerstone of this funding.

BlueCerts has warned of the dramatic increase in cybercrime around the world. Pandemic Covid-19 brought us an acceleration in the processes of digitization and dematerialization, but also brought us the worst side of this case, cybercrime. This major investment by the EU is further proof that solutions are needed and that we should all care.

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Portugal rises in Global Cybersecurity

Portugal moves to 14th place in the International Telecommunication Union’s Global Cybersecurity Index 2020 (42nd in 2018) and to 8th place in the regional ranking (Europe) (25th in 2018). Portugal’s improvement in this index was due to the set of legislative, technical, organizational, capacity-building and cooperation initiatives that have been defined and implemented to strengthen the cybersecurity framework at the national level in recent years.

This report, which analyzes a set of evidence on national cyberspace security, classifies as strengths in Portugal the legislative and regulatory measures, the existence and implementation of capabilities at the level of incident response teams – national and sectorial – and the cooperation and synergies between agencies and sectors.

Very close to a maximum rating are also the measures implemented at the strategic and organizational level and the measures for awareness, training, training and education for cybersecurity.

Recall that the Global Cyberspace Security Index was first launched in 2015 by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to measure the commitment of 193 ITU Member States to cyberspace security in order to help them identify areas for improvement, but also to encourage countries to act by raising awareness of the state of cybersecurity around the world. We are talking about cybersecurity risks, priorities and evolving cybersecurity resources, to which the Global Cybersecurity Index has also adapted to provide a greater number of cybersecurity measures for countries to consider.

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Data protection in an organization

From today’s risk, security and data protection officers are responsible for planning, implementing and managing privacy and security programs. However, the role of executive management is extremely important, without it, an organization can be driven into regulatory non-compliance or be the victim of a data breach.

The policy approach is a first-stage view, and there are two operational approaches to data privacy and security.

Addressing regulatory and compliance requirements is straightforward and often easily conquered with a robust policy. The policy will genuinely address the key areas and define the controls to be put in place. These controls are built in to target the areas defined by the requirements.

In a second stage we find the Data-First approach. A data privacy and security program will have a detailed and documented understanding of all the elements that make up the organization’s data ecosystem. It also presents an acute understanding of the who, what, why, where and how of data collection and security measures and when it is appropriate to delete data.

Bringing these two approaches together we find a very effective and comprehensive result, then building policy criteria based on all data. Storing and securing all data will make it easier to meet compliance requirements. This includes intellectual property, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, sales and marketing plans etc.

Searching, finding and deleting sensitive data are inevitable processes in an organization. There is a lot of data that has absolutely no purpose but is sometimes stored in unsecured places. We should process and save only the data that we really need in the future.

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Ransoms and Cybercrime

The increase in cybercrime has been notorious over this past year, due to this increase the call for governments to ban ransom payments to hackers.

In most cases hackers hold information and ask for a ransom for the return of that information.

Since August last year, a notorious hacker group has made at least $90 million in ransom payments from several victims for showing their records in cryptocurrencies.

As we reported in May this year, the Irish healthcare system was also the target of a similar attack, causing numerous consequences for the government and its citizens.

Now governments are under pressure not to pay the ransom. These are complex and sensitive issues to resolve, but first we must remember that our security is the first step. Opting for more secure and controlled behaviours and seeking data protection solutions are increasingly necessary tasks.

The damage is sometimes incalculable but always has an economic cost, whether it is in restoring services, process problems, or paying a ransom.

Protecting our data is not a luxury or special attention, it is a necessity.

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New danger of cybersecurity

We found that over 60% of companies do not have specific CSG policies in place or do not follow a collaboration-specific governance model.

The extreme risk of CSG comes not only because of its potential for data loss but also because it is new, occupies an often-neglected security niche, and the tools and best practices to combat the threat are still maturing or hard to find. IT and information security teams are just beginning to understand the full range of risks associated with collaboration platforms.

The Perils of Collaboration Security Risk

The most dangerous is the notion of guest users. This comes in two forms. There are guests (e.g. vendors or partners) who have been granted temporary admission to the organisation’s domain as users of an application. 

For end users, the ability to live natively within this collaborative community is a huge win for productivity. However, from a security perspective, guest access can potentially lead to data leaks. Guests are often moved or forgotten, but their access continues – as does their ability to read chats and access documents.

It’s important to protect ourselves to ensure our integrity and security. It is important to protect ourselves from our surroundings, the digital world is constantly growing and new dangers are emerging day by day. Only we can do something for ourselves. Protect yourself!

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Cyber attack Irish national health system

Last month, the Republic of Ireland’s health services fell victim to a ransomware cyber-attack, and for now, there is no sign of resolution.

The Irish government has reiterated that no ransom will be paid to the hackers for the return of patient information.

Due to this incident several computers have been shut down. This has caused some problems as several hospitals have had to go back to using pen and paper.

Another major problem with this situation, will be the delay of various diagnoses and will add to the concerns of patients. Since their previous reports are stored in the system, many hospitals do not have access to this data.

This attack has highlighted the vulnerability of the Irish health service, which is causing harm to the state, and ultimately to patients.

The importance of our security has been highlighted throughout Bluecerts’ time in existence. Cases like this happen in different ways in different companies, whether large or small. The damage caused is always significant and often irreversible.

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Cybersecurity Services

The Cybersecurity services market is expected to grow 5.7% year over year. The growth is primarily due to companies resuming operations and adapting to the new normal while recovering from the impact of COVID-19, which had previously led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working, and the closure of business activities that resulted in operational challenges.

The cybersecurity services market consists of the sale of cybersecurity services that are used in IT and telecommunications and other industries.Cybersecurity refers to the collection of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, software and data from online attacks, data destruction or theft.

The increasing cases of massive cyber-attacks are a key factor driving the growth of the cybersecurity services market. The main motive behind cybercrimes is political competition, financial gain, negative credibility, foreign competition and radical involvement of religious groups.

Leveraging AI, machine learning, and blockchain technologies for cyber defense is a key trend in the cybersecurity services market. Cybersecurity vendors are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning principles into their solutions to address crucial hyperconnected risks in the workplace, with faster identification, prevention and response capabilities, advances in technology such as AI and machine learning turn the tables against cybercrime.

Cybersecurity experts are therefore leveraging AI and machine learning technology to solve emerging cyber threats faced by individuals, businesses, and governments.

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5 practical tips for good security behavior

Throughout its history, Bluecerts has encouraged various behaviors and concerns regarding cybersecurity and data protection. We believe that before everything and any more robust solution, actions must be taken by people.

Therefore, we have selected 5 tips to keep in mind.

  • If you are using a smartphone authentication application
    authentication application, be sure to study the procedure in case you change
    cell phone before validating the solution. In some cases,
    have to be completely redone, which can be very
    penalize users.
  • Avoid SMS or voice authentication; use them only as a temporary
    only as a temporary workaround after validation from
    technical support.
  • Protecting your data has to be a priority. Protecting your data is protecting yourself. There are countless ways to do this at no cost, just by maintaining good behavior. Depending on the sensitivity of that data, you can opt for advanced security solutions, which give you another kind of integrity.
  • You must sort through your data. Sometimes we store lots of sensitive or non-sensitive information that we don’t need at all. Recycling this data is a protective advantage. If we don’t need this information, it becomes a vulnerability.
  • Be vigilant. We are exposed daily to dozens of dangers that compromise the integrity of our cybersecurity. We must be aware of our actions as browsers, and what we accept or where we enter and what we accept. Just as we are vigilant when walking down the street, we should also be vigilant when “walking” on the Internet.

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Data Protection “post”-COVID

Data protection and privacy are a constant concern, but we cannot ignore that during the past year, digital transformation has been completely catapulted by companies that need to support remote working and collaboration. Telecommuting has also led to many employees in different areas swapping big cities for more affordable ones. In response, many companies are flexing so that they can support employees who obtain this solution.

While cloud adoption is now a dominant option, the global market is expected to double between 2021 and 2025. The use of the cloud will become an increasingly essential element for enterprises in a hybrid working model.

The next step in this process will be to gain the trust of the users. It is common knowledge that ordinary citizens feel insecure about the processing of their data. Upcoming legislative measures will place greater emphasis on privacy protection. The changes on the legislative privacy policy horizon will create more challenges for organizations that lag behind.

Companies need to prioritize future-first security preparations given the increased occurrence of cyberattacks and data protection weaknesses. This should be top of mind when investing in security platforms, threat detections, training and maintenance to help and prevent major breaches and hacks. By prioritizing security infrastructure, organizations will be better equipped to accommodate future digital transformations and policy changes, as well as rebuild consumer trust.

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Cybersecurity, consumers feel vulnerable

The year 2020 has seen a huge boom in e-commerce. According to a recent report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 19 percent of sales worldwide last year took place online. While many have appreciated the added convenience in times of pandemic, this trend has also been accompanied by some inconvenience.

This was the finding of a recent study conducted by the American company NortonLifeLock. It questioned consumers from ten countries, including France. This is an opportunity to learn more about the cybersecurity problems they encounter.

Stronger passwords to counter threats

One thing is clear: since the beginning of the pandemic, respondents feel increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime. Seventy-four percent believe that telecommuting makes it easier for malicious actors to do their jobs. 65% confirm that they spend far more time online than in the past, which increases the risk. In fact, 63% of respondents say they are much more cautious because they are aware of the risks involved.

Unfortunately, these fears are not based on empty words. In all, 330 million people are estimated to have been victims of cybercrime worldwide in 2020 and 2700 billion hours have been lost trying to solve the problems created by these attacks.

Norton also looked at the psychological impact among consumers. Unsurprisingly, 52% of respondents are angry, while 46% feel stressed, and 31% feel like they have no solution. Identity theft is becoming a recurring problem experienced by 55 million people last year, according to the company’s readings.

To address the risks, 48 percent of Internet users have decided to create more complex passwords, and 38 percent share less personal information on social networks. In addition to these common sense measures, the use of a suitable antivirus solution is also essential. You can find our complete guide on this subject to help you make the right choice.

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Phishing Campaign

Operators of a phishing campaign targeting the construction and energy sectors have revealed credentials stolen in attacks.

Check Point Ressearch in partnership with Otorio published a blog post describing the campaign, in which stolen information was dumped on compromised WordPress domains.

The attack started with one of several fraudulent email templates and would mimic Xerox/Xeros scan notifications by including the name or title of a target company employee in the subject line.

The detected phishing messages originated from a Linux server hosted on Microsof Azure and were sent via PHP Mailer and 1&1 email servers.

The attack included an attached HTML file containing embedded JavaScript code that had one function, covert background checks for password usage. As soon as the credentials input was verified, they would be harvested and users would be sent to legitimate login pages.

Bluecerts once again sets a new example of the need for protection and vigilance for organizations and the average citizen. It is paramount that we adopt behaviors to protect ourselves and be aware of the various dangers to which we are exposed.

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Evolution of Big Data

This year 2021, the biggest data companies are looking to improve data quality. While last year has not been an easy one, 2021 looks ahead to be a year of improvement and planning for the future.

These are some of the key areas for this paradigm shift

Improving Cybersecurity

Various IoT devices, are in constant contact with the digital world. This last has been a year of pure overachievement for this industry due to the emergence of various threats. This field is undoubtedly the most important one considering the possible damage in case any disaster happens.

Accelerate and monitor the process

Digital Transformation is an important point when it comes to speeding up and monitoring the process. It is essential that companies move to more competitive, faster, and therefore more efficient tools. This paradigm shift is not an aesthetic, or ethical change, but necessary to keep the quality of products and services up to the consumers’ need.

More efficient data management

In this transformation to digital and with the ease of data storage, most companies find themselves storing an exorbitant amount of data from every corner of the company.
This more efficient management should be aimed at improving the quality of the data stored, thus storing only data that is useful for the future. In addition, better organization is needed to facilitate the necessary analysis and consultation of the data.

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Digital transformation trends 2021

The role of IT is increasingly important. Companies need to be in constant innovation to remain competitive.

API security

Security is an increasingly important and perhaps the fastest growing area in 2021. Due to the increase in threats, it has been a concern for governments and businesses.


Making organisations’ processes more efficient and less complex has become a necessity for maintaining competitiveness.

Data analysis

Given a Forbes article, 52% of executives say that having “a well-developed and designed enterprise data analytics effort enables us to deliver a superior customer experience.”

One important lesson brought to us by 2020 and pandemic COVID-19 was that the need for reinvention is notorious. Most businesses have a future obligation to move to the digital world, adapt to the new reality and optimization and the impact that technology to their business.

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Hacker almost compromises integrity of most web sites

A hacker managed to get into the PHP source code to install a backdoor.

At the end of March 2021, the team in charge of PHP’s cybersecurity observed two changes in its source code.

The cybersecurity team did an excellent job, preventing a gigantic catastrophe. PHP is a programming language used by nearly 80% of websites. Without the teams active vigilance, and all the work in maintaining the integrity of PHP, the problems would be unprecedented.

In any case, PHP has opened an investigation into the flaw, with the aim of ensuring that the hackers have not made any further modifications and to prevent the catastrophe from happening again.

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Data and their evolution

The world in which we live is increasingly flooded with data, whether sensitive or not. Both the average citizen, as well as companies, work on a daily basis on activities that have clearly become an opportunity for data collection.

As the pandemic has progressed the increase in cases of failures to protect certain data has seen a significant increase.

The task of data protection has become increasingly complex, but has evolved immensely. We observe two sides of the coin here, on the one hand the increase in data storage, and on the other the advancement of technology with the emergence of new threats.

The dematerialisation and move of processes to the digital world is notorious. Both from a personal point of view and for the business sector. Facilitation, economic aspects and execution times are a fundamental aspect of this development.

Awareness of the need for our protection has been increasing, even though it is still much lower than expected. New injured parties appear daily in search of solutions for their data protection, but unfortunately most of them appear only after having suffered some kind of cyberattack.  

Be prudent, and look for reliable and effective solutions. Our protection is one of the pillars of development, it is up to us to give it due importance.

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Blue Digital Signature

The period we are in is forcing companies to rethink the way they work. The intensification of telework in organisations allows companies to continue while protecting their employees.

In this context, the electronic signature offers multiple advantages: time saved, simplified exchanges, increased security, guaranteed document integrity, savings.
It is the key to the digital transformation of companies 🚀

Easy to set up and simple to use, the digital signature is based on a private and public key encryption system.
It is this encryption system that enables the authentication of the issuer of the document 🔐.

The electronic signature key makes it possible to sign all types of existing documents in digital format (contract, purchase order, quotation, invoice, reply to a call for tenders, etc.) 🧾📑

Bluecerts can help you acquire an electronic signature key easily, at a price that is accessible to everyone 🌟

For more information, comment this post or contact me by mp! ⌨️ 🖋️
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Women in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is, and has been, an increasingly important topic on the table of most of the world’s citizens. This month of March is traditionally Women’s Day, and for these two reasons we think it is the best time to see where they fit in the world of cybersecurity. 
Today gender equality is undoubtedly a goal of our society. Today, women and men are allies in each and every field. Today we see women making great technological advances and men extending full support wherever it is needed. 

Many women were among the first female programmers who worked on the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer program at the University of Pennsylvania, calculating gun trajectories in the 1940s. These women led us all with their courage and fortitude and paved the way for all of us. Since then, we have continued to conquer.

Today, women make up 24% of the cybersecurity workforce. They act as leaders in all fields, being role models and setting great examples in the workplace. All this would not have been possible without the support and open doors that today’s women have received from their male counterparts. 
Gender equality is increasingly a reality and less of a dream, or a goal. Like cybersecurity, it is up to us to decide its future. 

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Cybersecurity, what will 2021 look like?

After a year 2020 marked by record cyberattacks, cybersecurity experts’ predictions for 2021 are far from optimistic. Everything suggests that there will be more and more attacks and more sophisticated ones.

Phishing with Covid-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, hardly a day goes by without a cyber attack making headlines. All the experts agree that cyber threats are going to go up a notch again in 2021. For once, fraudsters are not hesitating to play on the heartstrings by taking advantage of current events to perpetrate large-scale scams. After having exploited the theme of the Coronavirus screening at the beginning of the health crisis, fraudsters use the problems around the vaccination campaigns to create anxiety-inducing phishings to lure victims. Fraudulent SMS and email messages have recently targeted elderly people in the UK. Appearing to come from the official health authorities, the messages trick recipients into believing they are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination and invite them to visit a fake website to enter their personal and banking information.

Get ready for this new type of security and protect yourself! BlueCerts can be your trusted partner, learn more or contact us.


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New cybercrime: Telework is the new victim

Last year we saw a considerable increase in cybercrime cases. Telecommuting has become a new reality in many industries, which has created several vulnerabilities that did not exist before.

Due to the fact that teleworking emerged, although not created in confinement, but essentially used during the Covid-19 pandemic, attacks via the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) grew by 768%.

Telework is essentially a phenomenon of necessity. Its mass emergence was extremely sudden, countless sectors adopted this measure to be able to continue their professional activities. Most of them did it out of necessity, and out of obligation. Many of them, in order not to close down their activity altogether.

The serious problem is that most companies and workers continue to work on a daily basis without any safety device. Most are not even known to have a VPN or an email certificate.

The exposure to danger and the vulnerability of our data is a wake-up call and an active concern in everyone’s daily life. The pandemic has brought us a technological evolution, we must evolve all the processes in it. Security is one of them, and without security, there is no advancement!

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Blue e-mail Certificated protection

With our fully secured European Blue e-mail certificate protection, you are able to sign and encrypt your e-mails whatever is your e-mail used software and mail gateways. Nowadays we are forced to gain countless new habits and behavior; Teleworking is one of them because this was imposed all around the world to protect people against the sanitary crisis.

During the Coronavirus crisis cyber-attacks increased significantly and reach unexpected figures. In those critical time period where the organization has to go thru, be sure that your data needs to be protected like never before.
Stay safe, and protect you and your data in the cloud!

For more information about our Blue e-mail certificate:

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BlueCerts is an eIDAS accredited Qualified Trust Service Provider.

BlueCerts is an eIDAS accredited Qualified Trust Service Provider.

So we can issue QWAC certificates for your company!

QWAC (Qualified Website Authentication Certificate) is an SSL/TLS digital server certificate, and our QWAC Certificate is accredited by the European standard eIDAS.
Establishments identified as PSPs (Payment Service Provider) must use specific PSD2 compliant certificates. These Payment Service Providers must be authorized by a National Banking Authority.

For example, banks and fintech companies offering an online payment service need to protect transactions with that service to guarantee cybersecurity for their clients.

Order or learn more at:

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Responding to a call for tenders: this is the key to an accepted response!

The 1 October 2018 was a landmark day for dematerialisation. Since that day, the dematerialised response is mandatory for offers over €25,000.
In this case and taking into account the process described above, we can conclude that we must attach our bid proposal in the form of an electronic signature on the buyer’s platform.

The electronic signature is the present, and essentially the future, when it comes to dematerialisation of processes. A tool that helps, and improves the lives of many workers. This signature has exactly the same legal value as the handwritten signature.

Bluecerts proposes some offers in this sector, together with its partners, providing the best offer on the market, duly certified by eIDAS.

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Cybercrime: A sigh for the world, the Emotet Botnet has finally been dismantled

In the heart of the international world of cybercrime, a major international action was carried out which enabled the dismantling of the Emotet cybercrime network. First observed in 2014, this malware was naturally distributed by phishing via botnets operated by TA542 attack groups. Since August 2020, France has been targeted by these hackers.

The authorities in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Lithuania and Canada, with the support of Europol and Eurojust, have taken control of the Emotet infrastructure, which is known worldwide to infect hundreds of millions of computers.

The control of the servers

In a press release from the European Crime Police Agency, the authorities have joined forces to create “an effective operational strategy. Europol’s head of cybercrime operations confirmed to the international press that the servers have been physically seized by the authorities of the different countries involved.

The Emotet malware

This malware was first observed in 2014 as the Banking Trojan Horse, and evolved into a modular structure starting in 2015. In 2017, Emotet distributed within information systems, which infect malicious code operated by cybercrime attack groups, TA542 clients.

In practice, these different models allow Emotet to recover the passwords stocked in systems and in various browsers and electronic mailboxes. In this way it can defeat the contact list, its contents and the email attachments, in order to propagate itself within the infected network by taking advantage of vulnerabilities as soon as the password is recovered.

Cybercrime in the world

Cybercrime, as reported by the international press on a daily basis, has increased dramatically over the past year, i.e. during the COVID-19 pandemic that has confined a planet. BlueCerts intends to and has been working with its partners to address these problems.
Cybercrime is a reality increasingly present at the door of all of us, if we do not protect ourselves, we can actually leave with sequels or even irreversible damage.

Be prudent, and protect yourself. Inside and outside the home, BlueCerts is here to help in a safer digital world.

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Digital Transformation nowadays

Digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges facing our companies, but probably one of the most important challenges in the near future.

The digital transformation is therefore part of the current context as a large-scale phenomenon linked in part to the dematerialization of certain activities and to the concomitant evolution of the economic, technological and social reality of work. digital transformation refers to projects initiated internally within an organization, markers of deep and wide-ranging change.

The digital transformation involves considering the new information and communication technologies not from the perspective of the simple choice of tool but as a real strategic economic and social issue. Digitally transforming means scaling up and supporting the change involved in the choice and implementation of a technology, taking into account the concepts of control of use, change management, governance, training, etc.

Bluecerts can help you, describe your project in this link: . We will analyze your case accurately and carefully to present you with the best solution.

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Digital Signature Advantages

Digital Signature is clearly increasingly present, nowadays in companies.
Its importance comes from the multiple advantages it offers.

We know that the electronic signature is an increasingly present future. Its importance is notorious for its many advantages.
More efficient, more safer, more economical, simply more advantageous.
Our Blue Digital Signature is eIdas and RGS certified, therefore, the best European signature key.

Check our Blue Digital Signatures offer at:

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La dématérialisation des factures bientôt généralisée, le compte à rebours est lancé !

En effet, à partir de début 2023, l’État français va généraliser l’obligation de facturation électronique des entreprises.

Prévue par l’article 153 de la loi de finances 2020, l’obligation d’émettre des factures électroniques entre entreprises assujetties à la TVA entrera en vigueur à partir de 2023. 

L’année 2021 sera décisive avec l’amendement II-3211 au Projet de loi de finances de 2021 qui prévoit de donner toute latitude au gouvernement. Anci, pouvoir clarifier les modalités du déploiement de la facture électronique obligatoire via une ordonnance d’ici septembre 2021.

L’obligation concerne les factures échangées entre entreprises assujettis à la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée, le B2B. Pour les PME et TPE cela représente 2/3 des factures émises.

L’administration mais aussi les entreprises ont beaucoup à gagner de la dématérialisation des factures.

Avantage pour l’administration

Pour l’administration c’est un moyen efficace de lutter contre les fraudes à la TVA (voir le rapport sur la facturation électronique en France d’octobre 2020), mais c’est aussi c’est un outil de décision économique et fiscal.

Pour les entreprises, ce sera aussi bénéfique avec la réduction de coûts directs sur les saisies, les erreurs, et la suppression de tâches répétitives mais aussi une meilleure gestion des encaissements, accélération des délais de paiement.

Concernant le calendrier, deux options sont envisagées et non encore décidées par le gouvernement. 

Soit l’obligation d’émettre des factures électroniques pour toutes les entreprises dès le 1er janvier 2023, soit l’obligation d’émission de factures dématérialisées inter-entreprises en 2023 pour les grandes entreprises en 2024 pour les ETI et en 2025 pour les TPE-PME.

Enfin, deux modèles d’échanges des factures électroniques B2B sont proposés dans rapport de la DGFiP. 

Soit un modèle reposant sur une plateforme publique par laquelle transiteraient les factures émises par les entreprises. C’est le modèle actuel pour les factures B2G.

Soit un modèle de transmission des factures B2B entre entreprises via des plateformes privées certifiées. Ce modèle, plus flexible et plus résilient du fait d’un maillage de plusieurs plateformes privées semble tenir la corde.

BlueCerts, spécialiste de la cybersécurité de la dématérialisation et de la mise en oeuvre de plateformes privées d’échanges dématérialisées, répond aux besoins des entreprises. Cela dans le cadre de la dématérialisation des factures mais aussi de la définition et de mise en place des plateformes privées.

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Bluecerts Electronic Signature

Bluecerts is delighted to inform its customers and any organization which needs eIDAS and / or RGS** electronic signature that regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are able to deliver face to face our electronic keys all over Europe, on a short time basis delivery. Order your key on our website or send mail for more information.

Stay safe and protect you

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What is the EU Cybersecurity Act and what does it mean for companies based in the USA?


During the previous weeks, we have provided an overview of the EU NIS Directive, focusing on essential system operators (OES), Digital Service Providers (DSP) and compliance structures. On 27 June, the European Cybersecurity Act entered into force, establishing the new mandate of ENISA, an EU Agency for Cybersecurity, and establishing the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework.

The cybersecurity law at a glance

The EU Cybersecurity Directive gives a permanent mandate to the agency (ENISA), which has now changed its name to the EU Cybersecurity Agency, at a time when it guarantees more resources and authority.

ENISA will play a key role in creating and maintaining the European cybersecurity certification framework, preparing the technical terrain for specific certification schemes and informing the public about certification schemes, as well as certificates issued through a dedicated website.

The EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework

Certification plays a critical role in increasing confidence and security in products and services that are crucial to the EU digital market.
To express the risk of cybersecurity, a certificate can refer to three levels of guarantee (basic, substantial, high) that are proportional to the level of risk associated with the intended use of the product, service or process in terms of the probability and impact of an incident. For example, a high level of warranty means that the certified product has passed the highest safety tests.

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Blue Partner Program

As part of its development, BlueCerts, a European trusted third party specializing in data security and digital identity management, is looking for new partners for Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and France.

With exclusively European and independent solutions, our offers represent a real alternative to American and Chinese technologies in the protection of digital identity.

By becoming a partner, we offer you the opportunity to offer your customers robust and efficient solutions for digital identity management and data protection in the cloud.

You are a website host, an integrator, a cloud provider, a managed services provider, a reseller, or an integrator of information technology solutions or even a VAR including digital identity management offers, the “BLUE Partner Program” from BlueCerts is for you!

You will have access to our commercial and technical training, will benefit from a unique “made in Europe” certification, marketing, and sales tools, accompanied by dedicated support thanks to the support of our team.
By joining the BlueCerts “BLUE Partner Program”, you will join, in your capacity as BlueCerts Ambassador, our community of partners to offer your customers proven European technology, with recognized business expertise, you will also benefit from leading innovations on the market.

For more information, contact us by MP,

call us: +33 (0) 787 04 12 37 

or email us at contact(@) 



No âmbito do seu desenvolvimento, a Bluecerts, uma empresa europeia de confiança, especializada na proteção de dados e na gestão da identidade numérica, procura novos parceiros em Portugal, Espanha, Bélgica, Alemanha e a França.

Com soluções exclusivamente europeias e independentes, as nossas ofertas representam uma verdadeira alternativa às tecnologias americanas e chinesas em matéria de proteção da identidade digital.

Ao tornar-se um parceiro, oferecemos a possibilidade de oferecer aos seus clientes soluções robustas e eficientes em matéria de gestão da identidade digital e da proteção de dados na cloud.

É host de um site, integrador, ator da cloud, fornecedor de serviços gerados, revendedor ou integrador de soluções tecnológicas de informação ou ainda um VAR incluindo ofertas de gestão de identidades digitais, o “Blue partner Program” de Bluecerts é feito para si.

Terá acesso as nossas formações comerciais e técnicas, beneficiará de uma certificação única “made in Europe”, de ferramentas de marketing e de vendas acompanhadas por um suporte dedicado.

Aderindo ao “Blue Partner Program” Bluecerts, irá juntar-se, na sua qualidade de embaixador Bluecerts, à nossa comunidade de parceiros para oferecer aos seus clientes uma tecnologia europeia comprovada, com reconhecida experiência empresarial, irá também beneficiar de inovações líderes no mercado.

Para mais informações, contacte-nos por MP,

ligue-nos: +33 (0) 787 04 12 37 

ou envie-nos email 



Dans le cadre de son développement, BlueCerts, tiers de confiance européen spécialisé dans la sécurisation des données et la gestion de l’identité numérique recherche de nouveaux partenaires pour le Portugal, l’Espagne, la Belgique, l’Allemagne et la France.

Avec des solutions exclusivement européennes et indépendantes, nos offres représentent une véritable alternative aux technologies américaines et chinoises en matière de protection de l’identité numérique.

En devenant partenaire, nous vous offrons la possibilité d’offrir à vos clients des solutions robustes et performantes en matière de gestion de l’identité numérique et de la protection des données dans le cloud.

Vous êtes un hébergeur de site web, intégrateur, acteur du cloud, fournisseur de services gérées, revendeur ou intégrateur de solutions des technologies de l’information ou bien encore un VAR incluant des offres de gestion des identités numériques, le « BLUE Partner Program » deBlueCerts est fait pour vous.

Vous aurez accès à nos formations commerciales et techniques, bénéficierez d’une certification unique « made in Europe », d’outils marketing et de ventes accompagné d’un support dédié grâce l’accompagnement de notre équipe.

En adhérent au « BLUE Partner Program » de BlueCerts, vous rejoindrez, en votre qualité d’Ambassadeur BlueCerts, notre communauté de partenaires pour offrir à vos clients une technologie européenne éprouvée, avec une expertise métier reconnue, vous bénéficierez également d’innovations leaders sur le marché.

Pour plus d’informations, contactez-nous par MP,

appelez-nous: +33 (0) 787 04 12 37

 ou écrivez-nous à

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Webinar FrenchFounders avec Jean-Marie Giraudon

Le CEO de BlueCerts, Jean-Marie Giraudon va participer au Webinar organisé par la FrenchFounders sur les enjeux et les impacts du “new normal” de la cybersecurité. 

N’oubliez pas de nous accompagner demain, Mardi 22/09 à partir de 17:00 h (FR). 

Pour vous inscrire et suivre l’événement:

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Norte 2020

BlueCerts est heureux d’annoncer officiellement que l’un de ses projets de Recherche & Développement a obtenu un soutien de Portugal NORTE 2020 dans le cadre d’un appel à projet européen. Ce soutien permettra de réaliser sur notre site portugais l’embauche de nouveaux collaborateurs et collaboratrices de profiles technologiques et scientifiques. Notre objectif est de mener à bien la réalisation d’un environnement innovant en Europe répondant aux standards internationaux dans le cadre de la signature électronique dites « qualifié » dans le cloud.  

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Increase in cyber attacks in Portugal and Europe

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought countless unpleasant situations to people and organizations. With regard to cybersecurity, we are faced with a significant increase in cyber-attacks. These data shared by the CNCS Portuguese for the second quarter of this year, are really scary. They show that Portugal and in this case, Europe, need to invest in Digital Security. 

It’s not just you who needs a mask, your data needs to be protected too!

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The new era in the world of work

The period in which we find ourselves is forcing companies to rethink the way they work. The intensification of teleworking in organizations allows business to continue while protecting its employees. But, in this context, what are the right decisions to take to protect the data exchanged in the cloud and ensure that internal and external emails are written by employees of the company? How also to guarantee their integrity and give formal proof of a shipment while ensuring its traceability? 

The system of protection of the messaging systems proposed by BlueCerts answers perfectly to these legitimate questions. In a period of health crisis when cybercrime is exploding, fraud of the “manager scam” type becomes everyday life and where, the major concern of any organization is to ensure its sustainability, ignoring this situation could have dramatic consequences. Whether you are in charge of the security of the information systems of an SME / VSE or a large company, it is imperative to take this new environment into account. BlueCerts solutions are efficient, easy to deploy and well suited to your budget. 

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Bluecerts dematrialization

The period in which we live shows that organizations must be able to offer irreproachable services to their customers in all circumstances to help them to maintain the expected deliverables, both internally and with contractors. The dematerialized processes make it possible to provide these services and at the same time to obtain or have realized, in addition to the productivity gains, real economies of scale in operating costs. BlueCerts provides tailor-made solutions that respond to new challenges for what can be considered by small and medium-sized organizations.

BlueCerts puts at your service management of digital payslips, online signature contracts including everything related to the employee life cycle, legal process within the framework of the dematerialization of general or extraordinary assembly processes Now, make the choice of the European BlueCerts online signature platform to better serve you and grasp the passing of time with confidence.

#electronicsignature #telework #esign #bluecerts #europeantechnology #cybersecurity #productivity

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Teleworking and cybersecurity in the extreme crisis period

The CORONAVIRUS crisis brutally makes organizations aware of the weakness of certain processes within the vital organs of the company or the administrations. 

SMEs represent the weak link in the societal structure, yet they make up the balance of territories in terms of jobs, wealth creation and economic stability. At the same time, the groups are forced to rethink a large part of their mode of operation to face the crisis within reality very little time to react.

Telework provides a partial response to these new challenges, but it must necessarily be accompanied by security elements to guarantee the trust and reliability of exchanges. 

It is necessary to ensure the integrity of the content of emails in the cloud but also to guarantee the identity of users in a certain way. 

BlueCerts solutions in terms of traceability, integrity and strong authentication meet this challenge. Our solutions can be deployed very quickly from an integrated management console regardless of the location of the organizations and their associated users. 

#teleworking   #s/mime   #cloudsecurity   #strong-authentication   #digital-identity-management   #data-integrity   #electronicsignature   

Contact BlueCerts:    •    +33(0)787 04 12 37     •     +351 220 199 339

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The Importance of Cyber-Security

Cybersecurity is important because it helps protect an organization’s data assets from digital attacks that could damage the organization or individuals if placed in the wrong hands. Medical, government, corporate and financial records all hold personal information. Security incidents can lead to losses in terms of reputation, money, theft of data, deletion of data and fraud. 

Contact BlueCerts:    •    +33(0)787 04 12 37     •     +351 220 199 339

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Let’s Encrypt Revoking Millions of free SSL Certificates

History repeats itself tirelessly and we have great difficulty in learning from the mistakes of the past. After the disappointments in the mid-2000s, the difficulties for the worldwide leader to revoke an exorbitant number of “false” SSL put into circulation here are the new systems allowing to issue automatically free SSL / TLS give signs of weaknesses until having to revoke some millions! It’s time to realize that the security of data on the web is anything but a small matter. Give in to the siren call explaining that issuing an SSL / TLS certificate offering a maximum level of security (OV & EV) is only a matter of a few minutes, that for low profile (DV) “is only a question of pressing a button” to be served will be enough to protect the world is absolute wacky and a professional misconduct.

It’s time to regain control and stop giving in to the dictate of all finance. Buying service for a small amount can only lead to disappointments. Buying free can only turn you into a product. Protecting your data must respond to a serious approach. They represent the treasure of your organizations. They deserve to be pampered for the benefit of the whole community. It is about trust on the web, European SSL / TLS certificates perfectly meet its criteria. Think about it!

#sslcertificate   #bluecerts   europeantechnology   #cybersecurity   #dataleaks   #responsability

Contact BlueCerts:    •    +33(0)787 04 12 37     •     +351 220 199 339

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Strategic partnership between BlueCerts with the Spanish Certification Authority CamerFirma

BlueCerts is proud to be able to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with the Spanish Certification Authority CamerFirma. 

This partnership reinforces BlueCerts’ European strategy of offering digital identity management solutions based exclusively on independent European suppliers. After SwissSign , Be-Ys Almerys – a former subsidiary of France Telecom – and InfoCert, BlueCerts offers its customers electronic certificates that meet the needs for data protection in the cloud and electronic signatures benefiting from eIDAS certification. 

BlueCerts also declines its offer by integrating solutions to support the digital transformation of organizations by proposing adapted business applications such as the management of dematerialized salary slips and their archiving with probative value, document management in a workflow integrating the electronic signature allowing validate online contracts or legal documents.

#digitaltransformation #camerfirma #bluecerts

Contact : Jean-Marie Giraudon, CEO BlueCerts

Contact BlueCerts:

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Bluecerts vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année

Cette année 2019 aura vu la naissance de BlueCerts. En sa qualité de Trust Service Provider, BlueCerts est la seule plateforme internationale qui propose des solutions de protection de l’Identité Digitale et des données dans le cloud en s‘appuyant sur des technologies exclusivement européennes. Avec BlueCerts, les organisations peuvent maintenant garantir l’intégrité de leurs échanges dématérialisés à moindre coût, en toute efficacité. Ensemble, nous ferons de l’année 2020 un véritable succès et toute l’équipe de BlueCerts se joint à moi pour vous remercier de votre confiance.

Jean-Marie Giraudon, CEO BlueCerts

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Dematerialization of business processes, a decisive issue for companies and organizations

By Jean-Marie Giraudon, CEO BlueCerts 

The world of business and that of the public sphere is changing in a forced way seeking to adapt to the new directives making a growing number of operations to be carried out dematerialized according to a timetable defined by the legislator. They take advantage of this approach to gain productivity gains and achieve economies of scale. They are also seeking to improve their quality of services and competitiveness to increase their turnover and to cope with the steady decline in operating margins. All sectors of the organization are thus increasingly impacted by these changes in habits and the ability to adapt resources and infrastructure becomes a major concern for the success of this transformation. For example, new technologies make it possible today to sign online employment contracts, subscribe to credits or insurance contracts, manage invoices or employee payslips, while guaranteeing integrity and traceability. and the certainty of unalterable preservation.

In this type of approach,  it is clear that the choice of technology alone can not provide all the answers. Reality demonstrates daily that the management of this type of project is already a revolution in itself by the new lines of reflection it creates. Define the objectives by setting priorities, imagine the new organization, fix the new processes to implement, design user training, choose the right provider are the challenges facing the management teams in charge of this revolution. One of the difficulties is that the action must often be carried out in a transversal manner, thus obliging the coordination of activities between different departments. It is, therefore, necessary to build in the first place a master plan that will serve as a guiding thread and federate energies and skills around management.

At BlueCerts, our team of specialists and our partners allow you to carry out your digital transformation with confidence. We will accompany you by providing you with advice tailored to your projects with exclusively European solutions to make your year 2020 a success in this area.

To discuss your project, do not hesitate to contact us at

Contact BlueCerts:

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BlueCerts launches its partner program for Europe

BlueCerts launches its partner program for Europe and wishes to discuss with you the opportunity for your company to represent us to your customers as a certified ambassador. With a complete offer of digital identity management and data protection, you will bring to your customers all the best of European know-how and will benefit from a unique electronic certificate management platform that simplifies exchanges with your customers.

To take the first step together and benefit from our attractive program contact us at:

About BlueCerts

BlueCerts is a strategic partner of several leading European Trust Service Providers.

We have the aim to support our customers with European technologies to protect your data and digital ID with high scalable PKI solution to help organization to conduct digital transaction. We help people and companies into a successful digital future and protects data according to the highest security standards for a better-secured web.

Because we think that Europe needs to recover its digital sovereignty, BlueCerts wants to contribute to protect organization data and perfectly secure digital transactions wherever you are in the world, with a very qualified team to support you in any circumstances.

BlueCerts –

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SSL/TLS Electronic Certificates – What Risks and WHY to Choose a Free Offer?

Data protection in the context of paperless exchanges becomes a real challenge for organizations. The budgetary problem between the search for “ever-cheaper” and the necessary investment to be allocated to digital security often leads to arbitration to the detriment of the organization. Indeed, how can we not ask ourselves the question of the durability of low-cost solutions, and  the underlying reasons which motivate the development of free offers for the deployment of “basic electronic certificates” offered by non-European suppliers and the impact real that these proposals can lead, in terms of management, insurance, responsibility and image?

The real question to be asked before making a decision, as we live in a strong competitive era, is a time when we want to know everything about each other, where the stakes on data – the most important substance of the world organization – are crucial in protecting B2B and B2C exchanges as well as in everything related to the protection of privacy while public or private platforms offer more and more sophisticated services, the real question is WHY?

WHY a free offer, WHY solutions proposed at costs that make an industrialist can objectively not guarantee the sustainability of the proposed services in the long term as its margins are low, WHY the public sector

through its appeals mechanisms price-oriented offers as a major factor of decision often forces suppliers to deny quality or to cause competitive distortions that unbalance the market, WHY finally it would not be time to understand that by wanting to achieve savings  we manage too often to convince internally that the risks are much greater in terms of exposure than the necessary expenses related to the safeguarding and sustainability of an organization in all its meanings?

It is high time to take stock of these topics, to launch the necessary reflections necessary for a fair re-balancing of the actions to be taken. The same goes for the sovereignty and durability of European organizations as for the sector that accompanies them.

About BlueCerts

BlueCerts is a strategic partner of SwissSign Group AG, the leading Trust Service Provider of Switzerland. We have the aim to support our customers with European technologies to protect your data and digital ID with high scalable PKI solution to help organization to conduct digital transaction. We help people and companies into a successful digital future and protects data according to the highest security standards for a better-secured web.

Because we think that Europe needs to recover its digital sovereignty, BlueCerts wants to contribute to protect organization data and perfectly secure digital transactions wherever you are in the world, with a very qualified team to support you in any circumstances.

BlueCerts Lda I Praça da Liberdade, Aceleradora Tecnologica I PT 4900-040 Viana do Castelo.


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BlueCerts sélectionné par le OVHcloud Startup Program

BlueCerts sélectionné par le OVHcloud Startup Program dans le cadre de ses projets de développement d’outils innovants permettant de piloter de manière transversale la gestion de certificats électroniques  :

  • Dans le cadre du programme OVHcloud Startup Program, BlueCerts a été sélectionnée pour son projet de gestion et de supervision de certificats au sein d’une entreprise (certificats SSL, clés privées, SSCD…). Ce projet offrira à nos clients un outil ergonomique, intégrant de manière transparente plusieurs Autorités de certifications européennes reconnues et simplifiera la partie installation/commande/renouvellement et expiration de leurs certificats.
  • Pour nous accompagner, OVH mettra à notre disposition dans un soutien s’articulant en trois parties un budget d’infrastructure et l’expertise ainsi que le savoir-faire de leurs architectes solutions.

BlueCerts a participé au OVHcloud summit 2019 le 10 octobre pour partager son projet et rencontrer l’écosystème OVH ainsi que les experts OVH.

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BlueCerts is proud to have contributed to the Cyber Conference organized by IPVC Viana do Castelo (Portugal) which is a real opportunity to debate on what is the actual status of the art and to understand which are the future close trends in this very sensitive area for organization.

The IVth Conference on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime The Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC) has been training, disseminating and debating knowledge in the area of cybersecurity. In this context, the organization of the 4th Conference on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime was organized, with the participation of renowned academic, business and institutional figures with work and research in this area.

The agenda was held as follow:

10:00 – Cibercrime e Investigação CriminalVítor Agostinho – Inspetor da UNC3T, Polícia Judiciária

10:45 – Coffee Break & Posters Presentation

11:30 – “Post-quantum cryptography: computer and network security in the age of quantum computers” (in english)Manuel Veiga – Associate Professor, University of Vigo

12:00 – “Secure the Data and Data Privacy Management, a New Challenge” (in english)Jean-Marie Giraudon – CEO, Bluecerts

14:30 – “Fundamentos de Segurança da Web”Renato Rodrigues – Application Security Manager, Farfetch

15:00 – “Como Proteger o Mercado de Ações”Duarte Monteiro – Head of Information Security Team, Euronext

15:30 – “CrackMe Up! 2.0 – Uma introdução ao Reverse Engineering”André Baptista – Professor & Researcher, FCUP & INESCTEC

16:00 – “Blockchain: Uma perspetiva de Segurança” António Pinto – Assistant Professor, Instituto Politécnico do Porto

The conference has received a lot of attendees with whom debates were animated and constructive for a better with the aim to strenghten the idea and necessity to offer in any circumstances a better secure web.

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SwissSign signs strategic partnership with BlueCerts to accelerate its international expansion

BlueCerts is pursuing its strategy to become the only platform in Europe that provides electronic certificates aggregating exclusively European Certifying Authorities. The signature of a partnership agreement with SwissSign, the first Swiss CA, reinforces the company’s offer and positioning for the benefit of customers seeking a credible technological alternative to the American and Chinese giants. 

Both companies strongly believe that Europe needs to regain its digital sovereignty. SwissSign and BlueCerts aim to contribute to the protection of data and the security of electronic transactions, anywhere in the world.

With its SSL certificate offering (https), messaging systems protection (S / MIME) and e-signature solutions, BlueCerts offers solutions tailored for the needs of organisations to protect data and digital identities.

SwissSign is a certified Swiss Made Software company. The company guarantees that all electronic certificates are issues in Switzerland.

«We are proud to have SwissSign as a strategic partner. The weak presence of European players in this strategically critical area is a cause for great concern. It is reasonable and wise to think carefully about our choices and to trust European technologies exclusively, whenever possible.

We should take the time to think about long-term strategic behavior and adopt a responsible attitude», says Jean-Marie Giraudon CEO of BlueCerts.

We are thrilled that with BlueCerts we have won a partner that shares our vision and values and supports SwissSign in its international development strategy», explains Markus Venetz, SwissSign Group’s Chief Commercial Officer.

About SwissSign Group

Secure e-business processes rely on trusted identities from SwissSign Group. As a trust service provider (TSP) in Switzerland, SwissSign accompanies people and companies along the way to a successful digital future.

SwissSign Group is the provider of SwissID and part of a joint venture of state-affiliated businesses, financial institutions, insurance and health insurance companies. (SBB, Swiss Post, Swisscom, Banque Cantonale de Genève, Credit Suisse, Entris Banking, Luzerner Kantonalbank, Raiffeisen, Six Group, UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Axa, Baloise, CSS, Helvetia, Mobiliar, SWICA, Swiss Life, Vaudoise and Zurich).

SwissSign Group has two cornerstones: identity services under the brand SwissID and certificate services. SwissID is the digital identity of Switzerland, which enables simple and secure access to the online world. Thanks to electronic certificates, data can be exchanged in encrypted form and therefore be protected against unauthorised access. As a Swiss trust service provider (TSP) SwissSign accompanies people and companies into a successful digital future, and protects data according to the highest security standards while keeping it in Switzerland.

SwissSign Group | Sägereistrasse 25 | PO Box | CH-8152 Glattbrugg |

About BlueCerts

BlueCerts is a strategic partner of SwissSign Group AG, the leading Trust Service Provider of Switzerland. We have the aim to support our customers with European technologies to protect your data and digital ID with high scalable PKI solution to help organization to conduct dematerialized transaction.

We help people and companies into a successful digital future and protects data according to the highest security standards for a better-secured web.

Because we think that Europe needs to recover its digital sovereignty, BlueCerts wants to contribute to protect organization data and perfectly secure digital transactions wherever you are in the world, with a very qualified team to support you in any circumstances.

BlueCerts Lda I Praça da Liberdade, Aceleradora Tecnologica I PT 4900-040 Viana do Castelo.

Media contact SwissSign Group

Thomas M. Kläusli, Head of Marketing & Communications SwissSign Group AG Tel: +41 78 936 74 81


Media contact BlueCerts

Jean-Marie Giraudon, CEO BlueCerts,

Tel: +351 258 249 990