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Data and their evolution

The world in which we live is increasingly flooded with data, whether sensitive or not. Both the average citizen, as well as companies, work on a daily basis on activities that have clearly become an opportunity for data collection.

As the pandemic has progressed the increase in cases of failures to protect certain data has seen a significant increase.

The task of data protection has become increasingly complex, but has evolved immensely. We observe two sides of the coin here, on the one hand the increase in data storage, and on the other the advancement of technology with the emergence of new threats.

The dematerialisation and move of processes to the digital world is notorious. Both from a personal point of view and for the business sector. Facilitation, economic aspects and execution times are a fundamental aspect of this development.

Awareness of the need for our protection has been increasing, even though it is still much lower than expected. New injured parties appear daily in search of solutions for their data protection, but unfortunately most of them appear only after having suffered some kind of cyberattack.  

Be prudent, and look for reliable and effective solutions. Our protection is one of the pillars of development, it is up to us to give it due importance.

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