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Let’s Encrypt Revoking Millions of free SSL Certificates

History repeats itself tirelessly and we have great difficulty in learning from the mistakes of the past. After the disappointments in the mid-2000s, the difficulties for the worldwide leader to revoke an exorbitant number of “false” SSL put into circulation here are the new systems allowing to issue automatically free SSL / TLS give signs of weaknesses until having to revoke some millions! It’s time to realize that the security of data on the web is anything but a small matter. Give in to the siren call explaining that issuing an SSL / TLS certificate offering a maximum level of security (OV & EV) is only a matter of a few minutes, that for low profile (DV) “is only a question of pressing a button” to be served will be enough to protect the world is absolute wacky and a professional misconduct.

It’s time to regain control and stop giving in to the dictate of all finance. Buying service for a small amount can only lead to disappointments. Buying free can only turn you into a product. Protecting your data must respond to a serious approach. They represent the treasure of your organizations. They deserve to be pampered for the benefit of the whole community. It is about trust on the web, European SSL / TLS certificates perfectly meet its criteria. Think about it!

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