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SSL/TLS Electronic Certificates – What Risks and WHY to Choose a Free Offer?


Data protection in the context of paperless exchanges becomes a real challenge for organizations. The budgetary problem between the search for “ever-cheaper” and the necessary investment to be allocated to digital security often leads to arbitration to the detriment of the organization. Indeed, how can we not ask ourselves the question of the durability of low-cost solutions, and  the underlying reasons which motivate the development of free offers for the deployment of “basic electronic certificates” offered by non-European suppliers and the impact real that these proposals can lead, in terms of management, insurance, responsibility and image?

The real question to be asked before making a decision, as we live in a strong competitive era, is a time when we want to know everything about each other, where the stakes on data – the most important substance of the world organization – are crucial in protecting B2B and B2C exchanges as well as in everything related to the protection of privacy while public or private platforms offer more and more sophisticated services, the real question is WHY?

WHY a free offer, WHY solutions proposed at costs that make an industrialist can objectively not guarantee the sustainability of the proposed services in the long term as its margins are low, WHY the public sector

through its appeals mechanisms price-oriented offers as a major factor of decision often forces suppliers to deny quality or to cause competitive distortions that unbalance the market, WHY finally it would not be time to understand that by wanting to achieve savings  we manage too often to convince internally that the risks are much greater in terms of exposure than the necessary expenses related to the safeguarding and sustainability of an organization in all its meanings?

It is high time to take stock of these topics, to launch the necessary reflections necessary for a fair re-balancing of the actions to be taken. The same goes for the sovereignty and durability of European organizations as for the sector that accompanies them.

About BlueCerts

BlueCerts is a strategic partner of SwissSign Group AG, the leading Trust Service Provider of Switzerland. We have the aim to support our customers with European technologies to protect your data and digital ID with high scalable PKI solution to help organization to conduct digital transaction. We help people and companies into a successful digital future and protects data according to the highest security standards for a better-secured web.

Because we think that Europe needs to recover its digital sovereignty, BlueCerts wants to contribute to protect organization data and perfectly secure digital transactions wherever you are in the world, with a very qualified team to support you in any circumstances.

BlueCerts Lda I Praça da Liberdade, Aceleradora Tecnologica I PT 4900-040 Viana do Castelo.

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