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Teleworking and cybersecurity in the extreme crisis period

The CORONAVIRUS crisis brutally makes organizations aware of the weakness of certain processes within the vital organs of the company or the administrations. 

SMEs represent the weak link in the societal structure, yet they make up the balance of territories in terms of jobs, wealth creation and economic stability. At the same time, the groups are forced to rethink a large part of their mode of operation to face the crisis within reality very little time to react.

Telework provides a partial response to these new challenges, but it must necessarily be accompanied by security elements to guarantee the trust and reliability of exchanges. 

It is necessary to ensure the integrity of the content of emails in the cloud but also to guarantee the identity of users in a certain way. 

BlueCerts solutions in terms of traceability, integrity and strong authentication meet this challenge. Our solutions can be deployed very quickly from an integrated management console regardless of the location of the organizations and their associated users. 

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