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The new era in the world of work

The period in which we find ourselves is forcing companies to rethink the way they work. The intensification of teleworking in organizations allows business to continue while protecting its employees. But, in this context, what are the right decisions to take to protect the data exchanged in the cloud and ensure that internal and external emails are written by employees of the company? How also to guarantee their integrity and give formal proof of a shipment while ensuring its traceability? 

The system of protection of the messaging systems proposed by BlueCerts answers perfectly to these legitimate questions. In a period of health crisis when cybercrime is exploding, fraud of the “manager scam” type becomes everyday life and where, the major concern of any organization is to ensure its sustainability, ignoring this situation could have dramatic consequences. Whether you are in charge of the security of the information systems of an SME / VSE or a large company, it is imperative to take this new environment into account. BlueCerts solutions are efficient, easy to deploy and well suited to your budget. 

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