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Women in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is, and has been, an increasingly important topic on the table of most of the world’s citizens. This month of March is traditionally Women’s Day, and for these two reasons we think it is the best time to see where they fit in the world of cybersecurity. 
Today gender equality is undoubtedly a goal of our society. Today, women and men are allies in each and every field. Today we see women making great technological advances and men extending full support wherever it is needed. 

Many women were among the first female programmers who worked on the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer program at the University of Pennsylvania, calculating gun trajectories in the 1940s. These women led us all with their courage and fortitude and paved the way for all of us. Since then, we have continued to conquer.

Today, women make up 24% of the cybersecurity workforce. They act as leaders in all fields, being role models and setting great examples in the workplace. All this would not have been possible without the support and open doors that today’s women have received from their male counterparts. 
Gender equality is increasingly a reality and less of a dream, or a goal. Like cybersecurity, it is up to us to decide its future. 

Cybersecurity Womans
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