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Cyber attack Irish national health system

Last month, the Republic of Ireland’s health services fell victim to a ransomware cyber-attack, and for now, there is no sign of resolution.

The Irish government has reiterated that no ransom will be paid to the hackers for the return of patient information.

Due to this incident several computers have been shut down. This has caused some problems as several hospitals have had to go back to using pen and paper.

Another major problem with this situation, will be the delay of various diagnoses and will add to the concerns of patients. Since their previous reports are stored in the system, many hospitals do not have access to this data.

This attack has highlighted the vulnerability of the Irish health service, which is causing harm to the state, and ultimately to patients.

The importance of our security has been highlighted throughout Bluecerts’ time in existence. Cases like this happen in different ways in different companies, whether large or small. The damage caused is always significant and often irreversible.

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