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New danger of cybersecurity

We found that over 60% of companies do not have specific CSG policies in place or do not follow a collaboration-specific governance model.

The extreme risk of CSG comes not only because of its potential for data loss but also because it is new, occupies an often-neglected security niche, and the tools and best practices to combat the threat are still maturing or hard to find. IT and information security teams are just beginning to understand the full range of risks associated with collaboration platforms.

The Perils of Collaboration Security Risk

The most dangerous is the notion of guest users. This comes in two forms. There are guests (e.g. vendors or partners) who have been granted temporary admission to the organisation’s domain as users of an application. 

For end users, the ability to live natively within this collaborative community is a huge win for productivity. However, from a security perspective, guest access can potentially lead to data leaks. Guests are often moved or forgotten, but their access continues – as does their ability to read chats and access documents.

It’s important to protect ourselves to ensure our integrity and security. It is important to protect ourselves from our surroundings, the digital world is constantly growing and new dangers are emerging day by day. Only we can do something for ourselves. Protect yourself!

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